North Berwick Police Department

Emergency Dial 9-1-1

Administration 207-676-2751
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday - Friday

To speak with an officer 24-7
Dispatch in Sanford, Maine


P.O. Box 422
North Berwick, Maine 03906
Fax 207-676-9860

email: (or click on name to send email)

Chief of Police Stephen Peasley
Supervisory Staff
  School Resource Officer  
  Rickey Varney 207-676-2843 ext. 6101  
Court Officer/Training Coordinator
Captain Leo Harriman
Wendi Daudelin  
Patrol Staff
Animal Control Officer
Sergeant Robert Kearns
Earlene Blaisdell
Daniel Pelkey
School Crossing Guards
Jonathan Koelker
Charlene Carliell
Reserve Officer Staff
Wendi Daudelin
Shen Lin
Jennifer Henaire
Sex Offenders
Pay a Traffic Ticket
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Please Remember to make sure that your house number is prominently displayed to avoid unnecessary delays in an emergency response from the Police, Fire or Rescue units. Your life could depend on it!